Centripetal Force

1 10 2016

Today we went to get some more dog food for the Devil Dog. She’s been looking a bit suspiciously at us all day. Might have something to do with the vet shoving a finger or three up her arse this morning, but who am I to say what a dog finds undignified?

Naturally we perused the pet shop prior to lugging the massive bag of dried food out to the car, and went for some “ah” therapy in the fluffy animal section. Anyway, it’s been a good few years since we owned hamsters, and back then they were expected to exercise in the traditional treadmill. I see now though that there’s a new toy on the block. It’s like a shallow dish at an angle to allow easy access for short legged beasties. Unfortunately though, physics still applies, and if you can’t keep up the pace, you get thrown off the island dish…




2 responses

10 10 2016
David Payne

Like a dished Lazy Susa but probably cheaper to make and maybe dearer to buy! (I wonder who the Lazy Susan was named after and why! Does/Did she have to be reminded about perhaps one moment of idleness by complete strangers for the rest of her life?)

10 10 2016
David Payne

If a hamster falls off it may be due to absence of sufficient Centripetal Force. A slow, slippery and steep bowl might apply too much centripetal force but that would move (by definition) the hamster towards the centre.

Presumably at least one person sometime has made a hamster powered vehicle? (Maybe I should Duckduckgo that?)

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