Consider being that someone

24 10 2015

Source: ‘Suffragette’ review: Can a movie make you see the world differently?

Really looking forward to this film opening. Having just recently had a national election here in Canada, it behoves us well to remember that the right to vote was a right that was hard earned. Recently – as this film reminds us – by 50% of the entire population, and even more recently here in Canada by those whose culture pre-dates our European formalised democratic process. Excluded from participating in the selection of political representation in their own country.

I’m glad to learn from this review that the story is told (by a female director) with balance, and the male “villains of the piece” are depicted as three-dimensional thinking beings rather than caricatures of “the system”. Though it’s easy to look back from a democratic 21st century western country and see the obvious imbalances of the time, those living then would have found it harder to see the injustice. It was “just the way things are”.

Remember that, should you ever decide not to vote  “because you can’t be bothered”.

Remember that when you toss away a plastic container “because the recycling bin is full/too far away”.

Remember that when you drive to the corner shop because it’s raining and you can’t be bothered to make the 10 minute walk.

Change only comes about if someone takes a stand. Consider being that someone.



2 responses

27 10 2015

Some thoughtful reminders there.

Not sure if word reached your side of the pond, but I did think it was brilliant that some feminists protested at the London première. Very fitting methinks.

27 10 2015
Quieter Elephant

It did thanks… Also the T-shirt controversy.

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