Sabre Jet Engine Hike – the technical details

27 07 2015

So I realised I’d not shared the gory technical details of the route we’d taken yesterday to find the J-47 General Electric jet engine up on Grouse.

The engine itself can be found with a GPS at: N49° 22.050′ W123° 04.702′ at an elevation of 793m

Basically you need to hack straight up the Skyline Trail (we reached it by first hiking the BP Trail to the east from the use car-park, but you can access it via Skyline Drive, or by hiking the powerline trail). It begins at N49° 21.507′ W123° 04.794′.

Head straight up the obvious track, following the pipeline and at N49° 21.911′ W123° 04.760′, you take a clear, obvious trail to the east and follow it as it gradually comes north to run parallel to the Skyline Trail. The engine is on this path, and there is absolutely no need to bushwack. After the engine, continue on the path, heading north. There’s a couple of forks, but stay on the more obvious path (to the left in all case) and rejoin the Skyline at N49° 22.112′ N123° 04.740′.

Continue up the Skyline Trail until you emerge at the bottom of the Screaming Eagle ski run at N49° 22.272′ W123° 04.736′. From here, head straight up the ski run, following the chair lift, until you come to the track heading over to the BCMC. This obvious turn to the left is at N49° 22.587′ W123° 04.802′. From here, you just follow the track, past the top of the BCMC trail and over the rock to follow the pipeline back to the chalet.

It’s about 6.4km in all, if you start with the BP Trail leg. If you want to try a much less travelled route up Grouse, you could definitely do a lot worse!

Ascent profile - BP Trail; Skyline Trail

Ascent profile – BP Trail; Skyline Trail

Topo map of the BP Trail/Skyline Trail

Topo map of the BP Trail/Skyline Trail

Google Earth - 3D view

Google Earth – 3D view



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