Grouse Ascent 2015 No. 6

10 07 2015

Route: BCMC Trail

Time: 01:39.42

Hardly a stellar time, but an improvement on last week. Still hot and humid – can’t wait for a break in the weather. The smoke from local forest fires is still hanging in the air, but thankfully not noticeable once you’re on the hike and in the trees. The biggest effect was the total lack of view once you’d finished. Normally the lodge offers spectacular views over the surrounding North Shore Mountains and down over Vancouver. This time though – 18% grey everywhere you looked!

I was joined by a friend from work who shot off ahead along with my daughter. I prefer to hike in my own little bubble thinking thoughts, so this wasn’t an issue. I was surprised though when I came across him higher up the trail. It was his first time on the BCMC and had been left behind by my nimble daughter and then taken a wrong turn. He claimed he’d wandered the hillside for 20 minutes before regaining the trail, but I noticed that he failed to pull significantly ahead for the rest of the hike. 😉

Anyway, it was definitely more of a struggle in the humidity, and the easy parking suggested that most people prefered to wait it out until cooler days return.

So – 37 (recorded) ascents for a total of 31,561 metres or 103,547 feet




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