30 06 2015

I witnessed integrity today – and it was both humbling and grand to behold.

Someone was being poorly treated by their co-worker in a café. Not physically, but verbally and no doubt, as a result, psychologically. This was witnessed by myself and another. I internally tutted in disapproval, as only UK-born people can. Loud enough to rattle your own bones, but totally unseen by others. My companion though – they acted.

With integrity.

They marched right up to the abuser and simply stated (politely but firmly) that their behaviour was not acceptable. Excuses and weak arguments gushed forth, but the point was made. I felt diminished by my own inaction, but inspired by what I now witnessed.

Standing up for our fellow citizens, with no expectation of acknowledgement or thanks (the abused co-worker was now out of earshot/view). For no other reason than it was the right thing to do.

We all have our own measures. Our own trigger points. Would you hand in a $5 note if you found it in the street? Probably not. A suitcase with $10,000? Well – that’s a different story. Most probably would, some might first debate the likelihood of being seen, if they didn’t. How about if Loblaws gave you several thousand dollars more than they said they would?

Integrity is not so easy to define… but easy to see when it manifests itself. It glows brightly. As indeed shining examples should.



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