Grouse Ascent 2015 No. 4

26 06 2015

Route: BCMC Trail

Time: 01:28:01

Well, this week I was accompanied by both my son and younger daughter. They drove me to my best time of the season, but they did it by basically disappearing over the horizon and willing me up to join them. The trail seemed quieter than of late, and we only saw about 6 other people. It was incredibly humid, and I must have lost a few pounds in sweat and evaporation. (“Sweat is just the fat crying” as one placard read on the Sun Run). For a couple of minutes it reached 100% and there was some light drizzle on the last quarter.

The erosion continues to concern me and I do feel guilty for my part in it. The ground is so dry that each footfall kicks up and displaces a small cloud of peat dust and further exposes the already nude roots. One result of this erosion was clearly visible on the first climb of the hike where the trail leaves the BCMC trail and ascends a rocky rise. Here there was a newly fallen tree blocking the path and needing us to limbo underneath.

Well, that makes 35 officially timed ascents (several others were unofficialc). Only another 5 to go before I’ve done “Mt. Aconcogua”.



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