Grouse Ascent 2015 No. 2

4 06 2015

Route: BCMC Trail

Time: 1:29:32
First officially timed ascent this year. Hey – I’ve been busy!

It was higher than usual… most of the way I was following a couple of hip dudes who were smoking and smelt distinctly of skunk. They still beat me!

The weather looked iffy, but it was only when I got to the very top and into the low cloud that it actually became damp, and even then only with tree drips. The ground was very soggy most of the way up though which was odd because we’ve not had much rain recently. Definitely humid though, my microfibre face cloth (lovingly called my dew-rag) was soaking wet by the time I finished. Asa wearer of glasses, it’s really annoying when my face sweats, so I carry this microfibre cloth to wipe my eyebrows frequently.

I felt quite shocked and horrified at the trail actually. Shocked at just how deteriorated it has become since just a few weeks ago. Horrified though to realise that I’m as much to blame for that erosion as the next person. The Grind has become so popular that the BCMC is now the overspill and is getting way more popular than when I first began to hike it. Especially at the top there is now a tangle of exposed roots and some quite slippy sections where the mud has become so dominant.

That’s 33 officially timed ascents. Another 7 before I’ve done “Mt. Aconcogua”




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