Another Sun Run behind me

19 04 2015

Well, I’ll not bore you with the details, but today I got a personal best (though not exactly record-breaking) in Vancouver’s 31st annual Sun Run – a 10km event. My group set off around 9:55, and though the staging area was in cool shade, it didn’t take long to get out into the sunny weather.


Vancouver Sun Run 2015 route

I’m not a big race fan, but I do like the Vancouver Sun Run. The atmosphere is always so generous and friendly. People line the route playing encouraging music (Elvis Costello’s “Pump it up” being an example today) and hold out witty signs to encourage the participants. Here’s a couple I passed on the home stretch, about 3km out, though I personally failed to get the power-up.

Source VS: Signs of encouragement on the home stretch

As I said though, the biggest thing for me (despite a bit of pushing and shoving – it is after all playoff season – and being tripped from behind by some knob with his kid in a pushchair who didn’t see any reason to apologise), is the generous nature of Vancouverites. I thought this photo from the Vancouver Sun of spectators offering encouraging high fives summed it up nicely. Well done Vancouver!

Source – VS: Vancouver Sun Run 2015





3 responses

26 04 2015

I remember doing the Sun Run once. Just once. Just because I wanted ONE Sun Run shirt since I lived in shame for not having one despite being a Vancouverite. Never again.
Good job on finishing yet another one!

27 04 2015
Quieter Elephant

When I was a student in the UK, I donated blood just to find out my blood type (B+ by the way). Then I felt guilty, so I donated again. Now I’m older and quite willing to donate – I’m not allowed to donate in Canada, because of the BSE issues in the UK.
Same with the Sun Run. I did it once to say I had, then felt obliged to do it again to show I could. Trouble was, I was slower! So now I’ve done it thrice. Not sure if I’ll feel motivated a fourth time… though I was beaten by a 95 year old, so perhaps.

27 04 2015

HA! That’s definitely one way to motivate yourself — guilt tripping yourself. I actually am terrified of needles, but like you, I want to find out my blood type. Hmm…

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