19 03 2015

The best thing about parenthood (apart from all the practice beforehand) is that you get to boast about all the achievements your kids have. They’re not your own, for sure. Though biologically the children are “half you”, the input they receive from education, society in general and who knows what other stimuli more than outweighs the input you have into who they become. The achievements are theirs alone. Their mistakes you can take blame for though. šŸ˜‰

I am very proud of all three of our offspring. They’re all very different, and way more rounded individuals than I could possibly have hoped for. They’re each very broad-minded, caring, sensitive and thoughtful. In short – all the things I am not.

Number one offspring is just finishing off her Life Sciences degree at Waterloo University out in still-frigid Ontario.

Wikipedia: University of Waterloo


It is a co-op course which meant it ran long, but she will graduate with some real-world work experience as well as a degree. (Useful things like dissecting rats and quality testing factory made pasta. Not at the same job, I hasten to say.) PlusĀ a string of Dean’s Roll certificates to-boot. She’d skipped a grade when we moved from the UK, so the course running long was kind of absorbed in that. To say she’s focused would be like calling the sunĀ “a bit bright”. She’s the type of personality that is gutted by a 99% mark… for getting one wrong. Again, nothing like me.

Anyway, today’s a great day. She’s finally heard that she’s been accepted into Waterloo’s school of optometry. They have an inhuman application process that culminates in announcing the results “some time in March”. This forces all the candidates to fret all day every day in March until the school deigns to publish the results online. Couple that with “the system” being down for hours on end here and there. Stress on a stick, I think you’d agree. And normal studies are still on-going during this. You’ve still not quite finished your degree.

Today she finally breathed again. And I get to be even more proud of the achievements she’s attained. Oh,Ā and my promised fishing lodge – when she makes her first million – is one step closer…

Waterloo School of Optometry and Vision Science



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