2015 Vancouver Sun Run

23 01 2015

No going back now!

I’ve been running and to the gym every night this week… well, except last night (7:30am con call took it out of me a bit. What?! Hey – it was bloody tipping it down, OK! I might have drowned out there!).

There didn’t really seem any point to it all unless I signed up for this year’s Sun Run, so I did. Now I’ve spent money (and am from Yorkshire), I’m feeling a bit committed.

Only downside was being reminded I was now in the 50-54 age group now. :o(

2015 Vancouver Sun Run.

2015 Vancouver Sun Run

Vancouver’s Sun Run



6 responses

24 01 2015

Age group is irrelevant if you’re taking part regardless ๐Ÿ™‚
Keep training! (cue Eye of The Tiger)

24 01 2015
Quieter Elephant

Yeah, you’re right. Me and Methuselah are looking to improve our time this year.

24 01 2015

It won’t be long before the English roads shall be seeing a lot more of my running shoes -I’ve got a 10K and a Colour Run lined up this year.
Ha! I’ll probably be crossing the lines a lot faster than you, though.

*MEEP! MEEP!* (Road-Runner-Style)

24 01 2015
Quieter Elephant

What the heck is a Colour Run?
Also – do I detect a little ageism there? I’d have you know that the last snowshoe race I was in was won by a woman (yay feminism) who was over 60. She was up against a load of 20 and 30 something young bucks too. It was no walk in the park.
Not to say you’re wrong or anything, but don’t assume anything about the QE thank-you very much… ๐Ÿ˜‰

24 01 2015

Calm down QE, twas said in jest! ๐Ÿ™‚ My last running partner was 58, and he was in better shape than me(!)

A Colour Run is a 5K run that has a different colour of paint waiting at each 1K mark. As the runners pass each Kilometre, they are -quite literally- drenched in paint. By the end of the run, you’re covered in five colours (maths) and you all have a bit of a dance and sing. It’s jolly good fun!

24 01 2015
Quieter Elephant

Yeah, yeah, wait until you’re 50 and see how touchy YOU get, whipper-snapper! ๐Ÿ˜›
As I like to remind people… round is a shape!

The paint thing sounds fun, but a bit of a liability if you wear glasses. :S
There are similar (mountain) races here but with powder paint being thrown.

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