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14 01 2015

OK, I lied!

But it is quite fun to see that most of the sweets I loved as a kid are still going strong.

Not so sure about the last 2 though – I think they appeared after I emigrated. IRN BRU should definitely remain in a can and be drunk. Goes without saying.

Her comments about purple sweets tasting of blueberry instead of grape as they do over here in the Americas is well noted. Much MUCH worse though is how green sweets here can taste gaggingly of spearmint instead of the much more logical lime. And what were they smoking when they decided that raspberry sweets in the Americas should be lurid blue?! Anyway, I hope you feel suitably educated on the tooth-rot selection in the UK.

Those Flake adverts she refers to were my introduction into soft porn… they never really changed over the decades it seems. Ever since their introduction in 1959

The 60’s:

The 80’s:

The 90’s:



4 responses

15 01 2015

I remember specifically going to this one candy store in Vancouver JUST because they had Flake. Mmm…

15 01 2015
Quieter Elephant

Did you turn up with a bath full of water or a boat?
The Candy Aisle near FutureShop on Robson? They have loads of UK goodies in there… even Twiglets!

15 01 2015

Yes that’s exactly where I went! I was also hunting for jelly babies…but i don’t think they had any :/

15 01 2015
Quieter Elephant

They do sometimes, for sure. They sell online too:

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