Get Your Geek On…

10 12 2014

Are you old enough to have played with Tektronix analogue oscilloscopes at high school?


You haven’t lived…




3 responses

10 12 2014
David A Lockwood

A 465 with DM44….
At school !? hummm now I know I’m old.
This was one of the best workhorse scopes I ever used. 🙂

10 12 2014
Quieter Elephant

It was around that time of shoving probes where they shouldn’t go that I decided software was where my future lay…
And “old” is just another word for “experienced”. 😉

30 05 2016
DavID Payne

Yes but we never got past 3:1 Lissajous figures, because that was the logo of the Australian Broadcasting Commission (now called the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.)

I think we would have ignored the bottom part of the mushroom and describe the top part differently, but it was a boys only school then. Which increased certain adolescent obsessions.

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