Did Apple Just Rip Off OK Go’s Music Video?

10 09 2014

Hell yes!

I went to see OK GO live in Vancouver a few weeks back. Their music is great, but their video work and live performance is amazing. Such innovative visuals. Remember the treadmills? They even managed to do a 3D optical illusion live in the theatre… for the entire audience!

Check out the piece on Mashable: Did Apple Just Rip Off OK Go’s Music Video?.

Basically Apple approached OK GO to do a piece for the recent iPhone 6 launch. Discussions went nowhere, so Apple just ripped off their style and video anyway…. classy!

OK GO video (Thanks youtube):

Apple video (Thanks again youtube):



One response

11 09 2014

That video was really well done. It must have taken so much work. Fair to them. But, yes, Apple patently ripped them off. I’m pretty sure that a large part of an advertisers job these days is to scour the internet looking for orignal ideas to…ahem…”borrow”. I’ve seen it so many times.

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