KTVU sued by Asiana for pilot names prank | Mail Online

18 07 2013

Oh come on!
You see “Ho Lee Fuk” on the teleprompter and think it’s a real name?! Have you never played Mad Gab?

KTVU sued by Asiana for pilot names prank | Mail Online.





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19 07 2013

Unbelievable! How could no one have noticed before it got onto the teleprompter? Makes you wonder what other “news” gets onto the teleprompter without being properly checked!

Ironic as well that the link is to the Daily Mail. The Daily Mail reporting on racism? You know you’ve fallen far from grace when the Mail is taking the high ground on issues of prejudice!

19 07 2013
Quieter Elephant

Ah, but it’s really just having a poke at the US station. Taking it all with a huge pinch of Sodium Chloride, but interesting that the names claim to have been confirmed prior to broadcast. Kudos to the anchorwoman keeping a straight face (or being soooooo dim as to not notice). It was like the phone calls that Bart Simpson makes to Mo!

19 07 2013

I could be wrong but I’d imagine that when it comes to reading the news in a live situation they’ve probably got so many things to think about that they (to an extent) read the words almost on autopilot. The tell tale sign of this is when they move from a light-hearted story to a more serious one and are halfway through the sentence when they realise it’s a serious subject and the tone dramatically changes from light and airy to low and serious. It makes me chuckle every time. An unfortunate reaction if you’re in company and the people around you initially think you’re laughing at a tragedy.

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