This Is Yorkshire on Vimeo

11 06 2013

Not a climber myself, and not one to sit and watch other people climbing as a rule.

But THIS video is different. You see… it’s in God’s Own County. Lots of it in my old stomping ground in and around West Yorkshire. Shipley Glen, Embsay, Brimham Rocks.

As soon as the video starts, the tone and texture of the rock instantly transported me back to the countless hours I spent camping and hiking through that terrain.

The maker (Dan Turner) asks that you consider donating to Climbers Against Cancer if you like his video which sounds like a reasonable request.

This Is Yorkshire on Vimeo.



2 responses

12 06 2013

Ah, Brimham Rocks. I spent a very enjoyable time exploring those strange formations. Although I didn’t quite explore them in the manner that these guys have. And if I’d have tried I’m not sure I’d be here to tell the tale!

12 06 2013
Quieter Elephant

Yeah – I explored the ice-cream shop a lot more thoroughly, myself. I’m not sure the crash mats and your mate standing with his arms out is going to do a lot of good when you fall from some of those boulders.

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