Getting the record

25 05 2013

Funny old day.

Had great intentions of doing the Grouse Grind today. Wasn’t to be.

Bit of a slow start, which didn’t help, but then it started to rain. Not a big off-putter – after all, this IS the Wet Coast, and a little thing like bucketing down rain can’t be stopping the world happening, now can it?

Just as it fined up a bit and the Grouse was once more a potential (it’s a good hour’s drive from here, so I have to kind of work my way up to it), number 2 offspring returned from her night out at boyfriend’s. No point getting all bent out of shape about that. She’s off to the other side of the country in the autumn, having just accepted a place at McGill. If her university career is anything like mine was, there’ll be as much learnt between the sheets as in the lecture theatre. I don’t consider myself that liberal… just more of a realist. I hope we’ve instilled enough common sense and critical decision making into her by now. If not, well – she’s 18 now. She just took her part in electing BC’s new government. It’s a bit childish if I thought I could come the heavy hand and dictate her nocturnal activities now.

Where was I? Oh yes – number 2 child came home and pleaded with me to take her to Zulu Records in Kits. Last weekend was a long one here in BC and we’d been down to Seattle (pre I5 bridge collapse, thankfully). Her favourite film is Moonrise Kingdom, and we’d seen a retro portable Crosley record player as featured in the film. Thankfully, she loved it, but the lack of vinyl for it to play had been an irritation ever since. Her collection consisted of a handful of 45s she’d acquired on a recent trip to the UK – selected PURELY for their sleeve art, and with no regard to their musical style. Now being able to hear it… she was less impressed.

Naturally she’d already been to Amazon and ordered Françoise Hardy‘s “Le Temps de l’Amour”. (No retro Crosley should be without a copy.)

But that was going to take a few days to arrive. Zulu Records though seemed like the answer. Situated just a couple of blocks from the Granville Bridge in Vancouver, it was relatively easy to get to. We were lucky to find street parking just opposite, and deposited the several body parts in the meter that the city of Vancouver charge for the pleasure. We opened the door to Zulu Records and entered another world altogether. Number 2 offspring was transported into a surreal place that had a seemingly endless supply of vinyl to play on her new toy. I on the other hand was transported back to my own youth.

More vinyl than you can shake an S&M aficionado at

More vinyl than you can shake an S&M aficionado at

There were some amazing bargains, and I felt slightly embarrassed that many albums I had in my own pre-CD collection were in the 2 for a dollar section. There were others too that I recognised from my parents and grandparents collections. Soundtracks from Oklahoma and South Pacific. Every other record seemed to be a James Last offering. There were some surprises like Rolf Harris and a copy of Tony Hancock’s comedy album…

Harris & Hancock

Harris & Hancock

… and no less than 3 (that we found) copies of Roger Daltrey‘s soundtrack to McVicar.



I was disappointed that these were the regular version, and not the clear vinyl special edition that I myself had once owned. This was particularly interesting as I’d only this last week been moved to locate a digital version of that very album, feeling the urge to listen once more to the visceral “Bitter and Twisted”.

As well as this selection of mainly groaners (anyone who likes Kim Carnes or has a thing for Bette Davis Eyes might like to buy one of their 10+ copies of her album on sale for less than the parking fee,) Zulu had an extensive collection of “better” albums ranging up to $35 for a second hand copy of The White Album, as well as brand new stuff from Vampire Weekend, Mumford & Sons (Number 2 offspring had just seen them live in Surrey last night) and others. Oddly, the singles were generally more expensive  and 45s by The Jam and The Police were $10 or more. In the end we spent about $20 all in with albums by ELO and The Boomtown Rats, some classical music, some big band Glenn Miller music (she’s in the school band, and his stuff’s actually quite palatable) and The Cure’s “The Love Cats” 45. (She plays bass and this has an awesome bassline.)

So wonderfully wonderfully wonderfully wonderfully pretty
Oh you know that I’d do anything for you
We should have each other to tea huh?
We should have each other with cream

Ah 1983… 🙂

Since we were so close we headed for Granville Island for a spot of tea and some more photo opportunities. Driving in, you pass the childrens market, and this reminded me of my first visit there over 10 years ago. I was in search of some “thank-you” gifts for the daughters of a friend who’d put me up for a couple of weeks whilst I was checking out BC as a potential place to live. I was en route to the UK from a business trip to Japan, and had gone “the long way around” East to fit in a recce of  BC. I bought a couple of dolls for the girls and they seemed to go over well. The eldest, now 20, is getting married in a couple of weeks. Jeez, I’m getting old…

While we there, I got a text to tell us that number three offspring had scored his first goal ever at footie. He was over the moon even though they went down “3-lots” as he reported.

Home for an odd meal of tilapia and spinach, then off for a run. I’m entered in the BC Children’s Hospital run next weekend, and although it’s only 5km, I felt the need to practice. That and I’d like to make it to the top of the Grouse Grind tomorrow still breathing without assistance.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend dear reader!




4 responses

26 05 2013

Oh! How did you do the picture gallery thingy?!

26 05 2013
Quieter Elephant

Is that a trick question?
“Insert media”, then select add gallery did the trick. 🙂

26 05 2013

My relationship with technology is kind of iffy. I swear I wasn’t messing with you XD

Sweet! I can’t believe it took me this long to realize people putting pics into a gallery instead of throwing them all around their posts.

26 05 2013
Quieter Elephant

They beefed up the tools a few months ago – they’re a lot easier to use now. I look forward to seeing galleries appearing all over your posts from now on… 😉

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