Photo Manipulations by Erik Johansson

1 05 2013

So I’ve recently started to muck about with GIMP – a freeware tool that gives most of the features of PhotoShop… legal and for free.

I used to be firmly of the opinion that if it came out of the camera “bad”, it was just tough. I still think one should be more careful about the image capture itself, and would like to think (with the help of some way more talented friends) I’ve got much better at making the camera do what I want.

However, I have also come to appreciate that there is a whole world of creativity that can begin with those captured images. They are not photographs per se, but are images, in the way a painting is a representation of an idea in the artists head, not necessarily a literal representation of what’s in front of her/him.

I saw “Go Your Own Road” a couple of years ago, but today I discovered more of the work by self-taught Erik Johansson. A couple of his pieces I think look really contrived, but most of the 18 here look very well executed indeed. See what you think.

18 Brilliant Photo Manipulations by Erik Johansson | Bored Panda.

Just to get an appreciation of the amount of effort involved, here’s a time lapse of the creation of “Cut and Fold”




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2 05 2013

About 7 seconds into watching this I can feel myself getting stressed; no WAY I would have the patience for this. . . spoken by someone who spent 5 years sitting at a piano 6-8 hours a day every day of the week.

Guess it’s all about what makes your clock tick.

3 05 2013
Quieter Elephant

Haha – I hear you. Just think of how many hours it must have taken to paint The Mona Lisa too.
I think it’s BECAUSE we are not all capable of creating these things that the rest of us can appreciate them. I’m like that with the piano. My dad taught me when I was about 8 how to play the melody to the old Coke advert song “I’d like to teach the world to sing” – totally on the black notes. That was the peak of my piano playing prowess.

3 05 2013

Ah, nothing as fun as black key pentatonic. The best thing is you can put the pedal down and improvise on only black keys and sound like you really know what you’re doing!

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