Photobombs in the UK

20 04 2013

Kudos to ShortList for finding these great photos.

A bored commuter strategically folds his morning newspaper and “stitches” a head onto unsuspecting morning commuters.

Bored Commuter’s Newspaper Photobombs – Photography – ShortList Magazine.

Bored Commuter's Newspaper Photobombs - Photography - ShortList Magazine Bored Commuter's Newspaper Photobombs - Photography - ShortList Magazine

What we take for granted

19 04 2013

Those of use that write, and more importantly read blogs would do well to take a moment’s pause to remember that it’s not a natural act. We’re not born reading, we learn it. Many people are not given, or perhaps simply don’t take the opportunity to gain that skill before adulthood.

DesignTAXI found a series of ads slated for showing in France to draw attention to the issue and perhaps remind us how much we take reading for granted. It also speaks to how formulaic advertising is, in that we readily assume the intent of an advert without reading the details necessarily.

Sly Ads Hide French Literacy Campaign, Rewards Those Who Take Another Look –

One mystery remains though… if it’s for the French illiterate, why are they in English?!

Get Siri-ous

18 04 2013

Number 2 child got bored yesterday. She started asking Siri on her iPad Mini silly things. I now know what a hairless hedgehog looks like! (Not recommended, by the way.)

Apparently Siri has morals and wouldn’t divulge whether she’d had sexual relations. (Number 2 child is a bored teenager).

In response to “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious”, Siri declared somewhat unexpectedly “Even though the sound of it is something quite atrocious”. Kudos to the nerd who predicted that one!

So anyway, I found this page collecting together some supposedly witty responses. Funny Things to Ask Siri | 20 Hilarious Questions to Siri.

Entry number 5 I found interesting, though it wasn’t remarked on in the page. In response to a question as to Siri’s voting preferences, it replied “I can’t vote. But if I did, I’d vote for Eliza. She has the answer to everything””.

If you’re not geeky enough to know why Siri referring to Eliza is funny, try Wikipedia here.

I’m not sure. What do you think?



Don’t ever tell me “you can’t”.

16 04 2013

I came across this series of photos of a young lad with Muscular Dystrophy. Cleverly illustrating the dreams from his sketchbook with everyday objects and deft camera-work.

Photographer Turns Dreams Of A Boy With Muscle Dystrophy, Into Reality –

It reminded me of my old school friend who has the same condition. I previously blogged about his adventures here.

Ultimately we are our own limit. If we refuse to listen to people saying “you can’t”… it just becomes “not yet”.

Venture Scouts up a hill

Suck cess

16 04 2013

Did you know that “cess” means “tax”? Nothing to do with cesspits at all. Though I think you’d likely agree that taxes are the pits.

But anyway… here’s a couple of quotes I came across today in my meanderings through life:

Success is not the result of spontaneous combustion. You must set yourself on fireReggie Leach

Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasmSir Winston Churchill

The Writer’s Dilemma – In search of Janus

16 04 2013

As often happens, I sought one thing and found another.

I was looking for an image of Janus.

I found one, but better… I also found this:

The Writer’s Dilemma: Content Writing Tips for Using an Inward and an Outward Gaze – GWHQ Productions.

A Big Jobbie

14 04 2013

Remember when Star Trek (the original series) was on TV, and you used to snigger when William (Canadian) Shatner used to start with “Captain’s Log…”?

[BTW – WordPress just offered to correct Shatner to Shatter, so I think that’s good Karma for this blog entry…].

No? Just me then?

Oh well, I never assume others will read my entries anyway, so onwards we go into another dubious cul-de-sac of language. (Remember cul-de-sac mean’s the bum of the bag?)

A bag's bum

Source: Karen’s Gallery – A bag’s bum

My Father-in-law is almost as bad (good?) as I am for finding books with dubious titles and pretexts. Today he found “Poo Log” by Anish Sheth and Josh Richman. I can’t imagine two people thinking it was a good idea for a book, but there you go.

Poo Log : Diary : Anish Sheth, Josh Richman : 9780811863391.

Source: Book Depository – Poo Log

We’re told it’s “A journal for recording and studying the wondrous uniqueness of various bowel movements. It includes reference charts, checklists, fecal facts, and illustrations.” How did I live this long without feeling the need to study and indeed compare my bowel movements to a chart? Now I know this is a cultural thing. In Germany, the toilet bowl is shaped so that rather than your crap dropping straight into the water, it is deposited on a little shelf until flushed away. I suppose this allows for the type of study, measurement and who knows what that this book seems to propose.

Of almost as much perverse interest is the “related” books that Book Depository offers to people interested in Poo Log. It naturally includes similarly veined books such as How to Poo at Work by Mats & Enzo – another double effort I note, as well as What’s My Pee Telling Me? also by Josh Richman/Anish Sheth and of course (how could they not?) The Pop-up Book of Poo (author’s undisclosed – very sensible on the whole.) But here’s the kicker… the list also includes Steve Jobs: The Exclusive Biography by Walter Isaacson.

Now – I’m certainly no fan of Apple (or for that matter Steve Jobs himself), but this seemed a little harsh!

Then I remembered Billy Connolly, and perhaps it made a little more sense…

But then again… perhaps not.