Stage Fright.

23 04 2013

When I was a kid, I went to an all male grammar school.

This was the late 70s. Kids still used to smoke in the washrooms. Nowadays they probably shoot up or drop tabs, but back then nicotine was still the choice of “bad lads”.

One break, I went to the loo and was met by a group of 2-3 “older boys” having a sly ciggy.

They weren’t being offensive or anything, but the toilets were a bit cramped and after a minute or so it was apparent that the trip was for naught. One of the 6th formers actually said “Don’t you hate it when that happens, and you can’t go?” It’s true. Sometimes having an audience can really put the mockers on trying to pee.

Imagine then being suddenly faced with a brace of gorgeous ladies while you’re trying to get things flowing. Allow LG to show you what happens…



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