Don’t ever tell me “you can’t”.

16 04 2013

I came across this series of photos of a young lad with Muscular Dystrophy. Cleverly illustrating the dreams from his sketchbook with everyday objects and deft camera-work.

Photographer Turns Dreams Of A Boy With Muscle Dystrophy, Into Reality –

It reminded me of my old school friend who has the same condition. I previously blogged about his adventures here.

Ultimately we are our own limit. If we refuse to listen to people saying “you can’t”… it just becomes “not yet”.

Venture Scouts up a hill




2 responses

17 04 2013

Excellent idea! I really ike the skateboarding one.

(Your title reminds me of being a kid when my mum would reply “There’s no such word as can’t!” in response to my excuses having not done whatever she’d asked. I guess it was a sign of the annoying person I was to become when I got the dictionary off the shelf and pointed out that can’t is actually in there.)

17 04 2013
Quieter Elephant

Ah, but “can’t” is a contraction of TWO words, so technically she was right… 🙂
I had a French teacher once who called apostrophes “tombstones” because they marked the death of one or more letters. Odd chap. Used tell a story about three cats drowning in a leaky boat too: Un, deux, trois quatre cinq.

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