Fancy a bamboo bike?

1 04 2013

A few weeks ago, I was reading how a friend had made his own bike mud guards from bamboo (which is actually a grass, did you know that?). Laminated, and very neat indeed.

Source: Graham on Flickr – Bamboo Fenders

Today, I learnt that crowd-funding is being sought to productise a full-on bamboo bike. Blending modern technology with the natural strength and durability of bamboo (in Hong Kong I saw it being used as scaffolding up a 25+ storey high-rise block!)

The bike is customised to your particular choices, and each is unique because of the natural products it is made from. There’s also a transponder in it in case someone runs off with it while you’re chatting up someone in the coffee shop.

If you’re up for one – get in quick and add a few dollars via Kickstarter. $40k is needed to get things moving.

Bamboo bee Lifestyle Bicycle by Sunny (AhSun) Chuah — Kickstarter.




One response

30 05 2016
DavID Payne

I saw a bamboo bike at a Sustainable Living Festival a few years ago. I already knew they existed, but didn’t expect that even the wheels would be bamboo!

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