The Invisible Bicycle Helmet

27 03 2013

I liked this piece.

I came to it via Vancouver’s Scout magazine, but here’s one less indirection to the original.

I liked it because it is a smart design for a real problem – bike rider safety. I liked it because it was a tale of “we’ve been told it’s impossible, so we’re going to do it”.

And I liked it because the two ladies involved did it in the face of being told they needed a man to make it work. That was the most surprising to me – I always thought Sweden was pretty forward thinking in terms of female equality.

The Invisible Bicycle Helmet, Short Film about the Hövding Inflatable Bicycle Helmet.

There’s even a little “making of” video…”




3 responses

27 03 2013

Wow coolest helmet ever. I sometimes just leave the helmet behind because I can’t be bothered to carry it with me for the whole day.
Anyway, like what you said, I like how they decided to take something everyone said could not be achieved and just did it.

27 03 2013
Quieter Elephant

Yup. Things are only impossible until someone shows you how it’s not… 🙂

30 05 2016
DavID Payne

Keep your chin up young ladies!

It does, even before it inflates.

Great achievement though, if it protects well. Now, can someone make inflatable warm clothing that won’t over-insulate you when not needed?

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