Vancouver’s Cherry Blossom Festival

26 03 2013

Last night driving home I was listening to CBC Radio 1, as is my wont in recent times. They were telling us about the Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival and how the various Japanese restaurants in the Lower Mainland were putting on special Bento boxes and other things to celebrate the opening blossoms.

I forgot to follow up last night, but a member of our work’s Photography Club sent the link above in case anyone wanted to photograph the many cherry blossom trees around the lower mainland.

The map shows trees that are blossoming right now on Google Maps… one is on next door’s driveway. Soon, there should be many more around our crescent. It’s aflood with pink dead petals as the wind claims its prize over the next few weeks. The site is interactive and even tells you the variety of cherry, as well as letting people update it with newly blossoming trees.

Does your city celebrate the blossoms, or is it just a PNW thing inherited with our Asian immigrants?




4 responses

26 03 2013
Deliberately Delicious

In Victoria, we have our annual flower count, usually in late February I think, just to get everyone in the rest of Canada riled up 🙂 (And yay for CBC One!)

26 03 2013
Quieter Elephant

A flower count?! Now that sounds like a good union job! Don’t the slugs keep you having to recheck the figures?

14 03 2014
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