Falklands vote will not end dispute

13 03 2013

Politics aside and all that… don’t you just love the suit?!

Full story at the Vancouver Sun: Falklands vote will not end dispute.

Vancouver Sun: The suit to end all suits

Vancouver Sun: The suit to end all suits



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15 03 2013

Wow, it wasn’t hard to tell the authors views on Argentian claims! Even the first sentence said it all:

‘Monday’s referendum results in the Falkland Islands ought to end once and for all Argentina’s always-feeble claim to Britain’s South Atlantic possessions.’

I find it interesting that a Vancouver newspaper didn’t take a more balanced approach (having, I imagine, no particualar vested interest either way), But all the same, I completely agree with the author’s sentiments. The islands belong to the islanders. And they should be able to do what they want with them, whether that’s be goverened by Britain, Argentina or be independent. But they’ve clearly made their choice.

15 03 2013
Quieter Elephant

BC’s a bit off like that. Very pro-royalist during the recent wedding/baby announcements.

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