You’re ‘aving me on!

12 03 2013

Are you familiar with the Monty Python “String Sketch”? If you are, the rapidly expanding scope of the proposed TV ad may seem a little familiar as you read on…

OK – The Dolomites. North-Eastern Italy. Rugged, beautiful scenery. Good place for Adidas to shoot a couple of young people in their sports clothing out “doing stuff” in the great outdoors. But we need something more…

No not Archbishop Makarios, how about uni-cycling?

Not enough? Then extreme uni-cycling! (Like there’s some layman’s form for the general public?!)

Watch Stephanie Dietze and Lutz Eichholz “extreme uni-cycling” down a tretcherous mountain path in the Dolomites.

I shit you not…

The sound-track is German, but if you’re not a polyglot, don’t worry. Believe me – it’s a visual treat!

Extreme Mountain Unicycling – YouTube.




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