Lunch by the Fraser

9 03 2013

Last weekend and much of this week has been cool and wet in Greater Vancouver. Friday though… oh, Friday was a lovely sunny day!

Mischief was in the air and we three Product Managers slipped away for lunch in the sun. We nominally set off for sushi at my suggestion. This was intended to be at one of the local sushi places in Richmond and therefore relatively quick. However my colleague favours a particular establishment near Metrotown in Burnaby – The Shushi Garden. Since he was driving the other two of us were not entirely unwilling prisoners as we headed North over the Fraser on the Knight Street bridge. As we hacked East along Marine heading for Boundary in Burnaby, he suddenly declared “change of plan” and swerved across three lanes of traffic to head South on the steep but short remnants of Kerr as it heads for the Fraser river.

Source: Romer's/Google Maps

Source: Romer’s/Google Maps

We crossed the rail tracks and pulled up at what looks like a brand new riverside development of townhouses and apartments  There’s a lovely riverside park, a more well established pier, some log booms and… a restaurant. Well, more a burger and pub kind of place, but very nice looking and lots of river-facing glass frontage. Romer’s Burger Bar is the name. Well worth a visit if you’re in the area. Turns out there’s one in Kitsilano and Yaletown too. A “sleeve” of beer (Canadian way of being non too specific about how much is in it – such is the problem of being a British Commonwealth country (20 oz pint) but doing most of your business with the U.S. (16 oz pint)) was about $5, and the burgers ranged from about $10 to $13 depending how fancy you wanted to get. I had a port and Stilton one which was actually one of the cheapest at $10. The chips came extra though and were none-too-cheap. Still, the ones we selected had truffle oil (my favourite cooking oil) and Reggiano, and were very nearly worth the $7.

The building was modern but in keeping with the area. To the right of this publicity shot is a small community centre that seemed to be showing children’s movies in preparation for the upcoming Spring Break.

Source: Romer's Burger Bar - River District

Source: Romer’s Burger Bar – River District

I’d definitely go again, if only to enjoy the pleasant surroundings – not dissimilar to Fort Langley.




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18 03 2013
Customer Service | Quieter Elephant

[…] myself and a couple of colleagues visited Romer’s Burger Bar in SW Burnaby. If not – it’s blogged here. Well it was kinda-sorta on the way home and Mrs E seemed a little peeved I’d been off […]

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