It’s all retch and no vomit

6 02 2013

A very dear friend shared this with me today.

We’ve all felt that “aimless floating through life” feeling, haven’t we?


Shit! Must just be me then…

An inspiring talk by Alan Watts with some thoughtful video along with it. What will you do today to make a difference?

What if money was no object? – YouTube.



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6 02 2013
A Dog With Fleas

I loved this though-provoking video. If only everyone could do what they loved and money was no object. I would spend all day honing my skills as a writer and could be perfectly content. Write inspiring pieces like this video exhibits and have people want to enrich their life. Thanks so much for sharing!!

This is exactly where I am at in my life. Just quit my job because I was miserable and want to find more meeting in a career that will make me happy.

6 02 2013
Quieter Elephant

Glad you liked it too.
I think the true secret is in choosing how to measure success. Once you let go of the money concept as a measure, there are many way more persuasive metrics. Fresh air, waking up to glorious scenery, you name it. Money’s not even real. It was just a way of conveniently transporting “virtual pigs” for long distance bartering. Real value is in a child’s smile. How poor we all are when children don’t smile and laugh from simple things like splashing in puddles. How sterile their expressions when they plug in to their iPod and leave the real world behind.
Imagine a world with no electricity. No operating ATM to get one’s precious money from. The truly rich – those who found real value in life – will barely notice. The rest of us will behave like the world has come to an end.

6 02 2013

Not just you. Not at all. And I thought I was doing just what he would recommend, and I still often feel like it’s all wretch and no vomit.

7 02 2013
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9 02 2013
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9 02 2013
Quieter Elephant

Thanks for the link-back, and implicit indication of my typo! 🙂

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