Why did men stop wearing high heels?

25 01 2013

Gender questions can be quite vexing.

We tend to make vast assumptions based on our own current experience and be uneducated on historical aspects.

For example, in the 1600’s the height of masculinity was to be indicated by the wearing… of high heels!

Today? Not so much…

The BBC has an interesting piece on the matter: BBC News – Why did men stop wearing high heels?.

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25 01 2013

Those 1600 high heels are super cool. I’m sure they’ll come back in men’s fashion. Often wish I could travel back in time and draw people. Have a great week-end. Russell.

25 01 2013
Quieter Elephant

One of my own prejudices, being from the North of the UK, is around the modern “metrosexual” and their preening and following of fashion. It seemed very alien to my own “whatever fits” attitude. Historically though (if you had money at least), men were waaaay more flamboyant.
High heels for horse riding? Maybe… cyclists wear special shoes for a better grip.
Thanks Russell – you too.

25 01 2013
Why did men stop wearing high heels? « Changing Women

[…] Why did men stop wearing high heels? (quieterelephant.wordpress.com) […]

27 01 2013

Good choice of images for the comparison. 🙂

Yeah, I read that article. It’s interesting how much attitudes change. I remember being surprised to hear that not that long ago pink was the colour for baby boys and blue was for girls. The modern way was so ingrained in me that I couldn’t help shaking my head and thinking ‘But pink is blatantly more girly than blue!’

27 01 2013
Quieter Elephant

Yeah – it runs deep too! My daughter’s boyfriend wears “salmon” shirts. I struggle not to snigger.
Years ago, our as yet un-born babies were decorated for, clothed for and generally prepared for in “neutral” greens and yellows… to handle either case.

27 01 2013

Hah! Wise planning with the neutral colours! Yep, I’ve never exactly embraced the “salmon” movement either. Each to their own of course, but still, that’s not going to stop me taking the p*ss out of my friends for it!

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