Glenn Owen Dodds on Vimeo

23 01 2013

So quite some time ago, I mentioned a short Australian film by the name of Glenn Owen Dodds. Remember that?

Well today, I had another idle look (spurred on by my attempts to find a great documentary by the name of “Men who swim” – but that’s for another day).

And there it was. Today, dear reader you get to see the full 16 minutes of a lovely, gentle little comedy. Enjoy!

Glenn Owen Dodds on Vimeo via Glenn Owen Dodds on Vimeo.



2 responses

24 01 2013

Thank you for posting this – beautifully shot and it made me happy.

24 01 2013
Quieter Elephant

You are very welcome!
I loved the typically earthy Australian outlook. I thought it handled very well the question of ‘how would you “prove” you were God?’ At the end of the day though – I’m a sucker for a love story. And rain. 🙂

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