No Pants Subway Ride 2013

14 01 2013

Regular visitors will recall me mentioning 2012’s “No pants” Flash Mob event. If not, it’s here.

The general premise is that at a pre-determined time, a group of people descend on a city’s transit (SkyTrain in Vancouver, but other cities had their own events) sans trousers. The time of year requires the wearing of winter coats, scarves, gloves etc, making the lack of pants unusual to the casual observer. The mob joins the train at a specified point and makes no sign that they in any way know each other.  It’s a bit of fun. It’s free. It does no harm.

All good, in my books…

(Though some did complain about hygiene… plainly not used to the unsavoury characters who used to share my daily commute when I used Transit regularly. It’s amazing how long you can hold your breath when assaulted by B.O.)

Here’s the National Post‘s coverage: No Pants Subway Ride hits Vancouver, Toronto.

I’d forgotten it was about due again until I saw it on the TV news this morning (first time I’d watched it in weeks). It was Global TV BC, and the most remarkable thing about the video coverage was that out of the many people boarding the SkyTrain, the cameraman focused almost entirely on the young lady with lovely black lacy knickers. Pure coincidence, I’m sure… 🙂

This was Vancouver’s 4th year and Translink are apparently OK with it happening.

Here’s Global’s coverage. Global BC | 4th annual ‘No Pants Day’ on the SkyTrain.

Global: 4th annual 'No Pants Day' on the SkyTrain  Read it on Global News: Global BC | 4th annual 'No Pants Day' on the SkyTrain



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