The Yorkshire Accent | AlyBongo – YouTube

13 01 2013

No idea, before you ask.

I clicked here, I pressed there. Read something about “accent tag”, clicked on “South Yorkshire accent” which seemed to start off with a L’Oriel shampoo commercial, then I saw “AlyBongo” which reminded me of a very sad old UK comic magician Ali Bongo I used to watch as a kid in the early ’70s… then Nirvana!

This girl is a little cocky, for sure. But then she’s from Leeds, so I’ll let her off. (I do wonder if the hair colouring is deliberate or whether perhaps she’s afflicted with colour-blindness… though I recall that’s a male thing.)

This seems to be the result of a project to get people to say particular words in their own accent and answer a few questions to determine their local dialect word for things like pop/soda; trainers/sneakers; etc. Glad she corrected “Aluminum” into “Aluminium” 🙂

One word which threw her was the pill-bug/woodlouse question, but I suspect being an urban girl wood lice weren’t high on her list of familiar things in Leeds. By the end, I was feeling a little home-sick. This folks, is exactly how I used to speak before my accent softened with 20 years of “living down South” in Milton Keynes and then ultimately transplanted my ear and attendant accent to White Rock, BC.

I apologise in advance for any American readers who choose to click on the link: for her merely OK-ish rendition of your own accent as well as her bad language regarding it. If on the other hand you’re from Lancashire, I’m sure you’ll understand why I don’t feel obliged to offer the same apology for her initial comments. Nothing personal you understand – just 500+ years of rose-colour preference. 🙂

I did smile when she struggled with the question “What do you call it when the rain falls while the sun is shining?” She points out that ” ‘ sun never shines in Yorkshire” and beautifully illustrates the glottal stop I so dearly miss. (That’s the opening apostrophe… it marks the passing of entire word “The”).

And the US prank of throwing toilet paper over a house is still largely unknown in the UK I believe. In Yorkshire, it’d just be considered wasteful, probably!

So, in answer to “How do you greet a group of people”: Eh-up!

The Yorkshire Accent | AlyBongo – YouTube.




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