H2O – solid and liquid

12 01 2013

Busy day.

Began early (for a weekend at least) with a trip up one of the local “North Shore Mountains” – Seymour. Mrs E and a colleague joined me for a return visit to Dog Mountain via snow shoes. It’s a route I’d travelled a couple of weeks ago, but the intervening time had delivered quite a bit more snow, and the pretty sharp ups and downs were now much less daunting, requiring no hands in cold snow to steady my course. It was a lovely day, and despite hovering around -4 Celsius, the exercise kept things very pleasant. Almost at Dog Mountain we bumped into another colleague who had just left there with his girlfriend – the trails were busy with many people enjoying the pleasant day and spectacular views of Grouse and the city.

Later, Number 2 offspring joined me for a walk to White rock pier to catch the sunset and fool around with long exposures down by the beach. Here’s a few of the more choice results. I really enjoyed the “classic” trick of smoothing out the sea’s ripples into a milky smooth average over several seconds. Dusk was the perfect time to allow long exposures without losing colour.



6 responses

12 01 2013
A Dog With Fleas

These pictures are absolutely gorgeous!! And sounds like you had a great day.

13 01 2013
Quieter Elephant

Thank-you! I always find it easier to be inspired when I have one of my muses with me. Second born is the most artistic on our family and often sees things I miss.

13 01 2013

Pics look amazing! I haven’t been snow shoeing in forever! This makes me want to do it again some time in the near future!

13 01 2013
Quieter Elephant

Haha – glad I’ve inspired you. Cypress in the evening perhaps… then you can have fondue at Holyburn as a reward. 🙂
Glad you liked the photos too. It’s great to know the effort is appreciated elsewhere.

13 01 2013

MMM Fondue!!!! Wow Cypress is looking really attractive right now.

13 01 2013
Quieter Elephant

Indeed! Just drove up King George Boulevard into Surrey, and had a glorious view of the northerly mountains as the sun was getting ready to set. Its lower angle really showed off the snow caps beautifully.
Washington’s Mt. Baker can look like a bowl of strawberry ice-cream when it reflects the sunsets, if you happen to be driving East on 99 at the right time of evening/year.

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