Car Park

12 01 2013

“Now that is a proper car park!” – couldn’t have said it better myself! 🙂

A letter to the editor to my local weekly newspaper, The [Swarthmore, Pennsylvania] Swarthmorean, starts off this way:

Why is the college not using all the available space on the campus for a new car park?

If the present car park were expanded, it could accommodate many cars.

It was signed “Dorothy Moffett.”

I do not know if Ms. Moffett is British, but I suspect she is, because I have never  encountered an American who uses car park instead of one of our two alternatives, parking lot and parking garage.

But I found that the term at one time has some currency in the U.S.–at least among headline writers, who are always looking for ways to trim words and phrases. A 1953 New York Times headline reads “City Set to Start Metered Car Park.”

The only recent U.S.-datelined use in the Times came in a 2011 style-section piece about the…

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