The Simpsons Called It: Three Eyed Fish Caught Outside a Nuclear Power Plant

8 01 2013

If it wasn’t so weird, it’d be funny.

At least they’re getting it checked rather than assuming it’s the power plant. And if you’re ever in Nakusp, BC… check out the weird two-headed pig in the museum. Though 400km by road, it’s only 100km from Radium Hot Springs as the crow flies. Just sayin’…

The Simpsons Called It: Three Eyed Fish Caught Outside a Nuclear Power Plant.



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9 01 2013

Didn’t the Simpsons call it Blinky?! Classic episode though. 🙂

9 01 2013
Quieter Elephant

They did – it was mentioned in the article, and I did put it in the tag list. Good memory..

9 01 2013

AH. So disturbing. When mankind decides to mess with nature? Well, I guess we didn’t intentionally mess with it in this case… but still.

9 01 2013
Quieter Elephant

They don’t ACTUALLY know it was caused by the power plant (yet). There are naturally occurring “viable” mutations too, don’t forget. Otherwise there’d be no evolution. And if it wasn’t for us genetically messing with nature, we’d have no garden flowers. I do generally agree though. GM foods is a big no-no to me. It’s one thing to breed, via genetically stable, viable intermediary steps say a dog or a pig. It’s quite another to take fish DNA and put it in wheat! That’s just plain wrong in my view.

9 01 2013

Yeah, that’s true, but at the same time, GM does manage to solve a lot of problems faced by our crops. And if we have the ability to fix this, why not use it? (Okay, fine, a three eyed fish can be used to explain why not.) I honestly do not know where I stand on genetically modifying things. But I DO know that three eyed fish freak me out. Haha!

9 01 2013
Quieter Elephant

For me it’s about the viability of intermediate steps. If you can breed pest-resistant crops via cross-pollination or “normal” breeding, all we’re really doing is optimising the opportunity for what could plausibly happen anyway. Fish DNA has no business being in plants whether it’s beneficial to people or not. Nature will always figure itself out, but it might do it in a way that is “non-optimal” for humans.

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