The power of the written word

8 12 2012

Regular visitors to these environs will perhaps recall me bemoaning my rough handling of my Parker 25, resulting in fatal injury to its aged body. Others may recall me mentioning my visit to a marketing summit in Vancouver of late. Particularly the story of “awesome marketing”. Actually – I don’t think I blogged that! Check it out here.

Huffington Post: Joshie getting a massage at the spa…

Anyway, today I got a comment to the old blog entry about the outrageous price of spare Parker pen parts in North America. It was small, unassuming, and AWESOME! From “frightfulbish” – who seems to be of a similar vintage to myself and lives in the UK Riviera (OK – Brighton!). Simply pointing me at a UK website, amusingly called The Battersea Pen Home. It’s amusing (if you’re British) because it’s a play on Battersea Dogs Home, where one traditionally leaves your estate if you don’t have offspring. Where old dogs go to die…

They’re smart enough to not charge tax if you’re overseas, and charge only the very reasonable Royal Mail postage (cheaper than shipping a similarly  small parcel across town in Canada!)

If you like fountain pens… check ’em out.

Battersea Pens Home




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