Cool to be you!

29 11 2012

Via Skype…

First Born:   I wrote for the library’s blog. My boss said I am a good writer
Quieter Elephant: Cool! I’m going to blog you!
FB: Thank you.
QE: And twitter. You’re a cyber-star now 🙂
FB: you have a twitter?
QE: As of a couple of days ago
FB: man you’re cooler than me, i don’t even have a twitter
QE: Can I quote you on that? 🙂
FB: yes

Hey, take the credit where you find it! It’s not often I get called “cool” by anyone these days… let alone my kids!





2 responses

29 11 2012

It’s difficult for us to admit, however, if I knew one of my parents had a twitter account, I’d think they were pretty cool too. They were born in the mid 40’s so…it’s not likely.

29 11 2012
Quieter Elephant

My dad struggled with PCs for a while, looking for the lever to move back to the start of line.
My mum – born in ’41 – took to her laptop like a duck to water.
I’m proud of my kids. I hope they’re proud of me. Or at least stay quiet. 😉

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