Cellulite and You

29 11 2012

OK, so those of you paying attention will recall that First Born is currently on a co-op placement in Leysin, Switzerland. She’s there as the librarian for the American School (they recruit co-op students from Waterloo, Ontario – go figure!) Anyway, she was asked to write an article for their blog, and being the proud pachyderm parent that I am, I bring you, here for the first time in North America (drum-roll please…)

Tales from the StacksShort Stories from LAS Library, about LAS Library

(Don’t laugh – someone spent ages thinking of that!)

I look forward to comments from “proper” North Americans identifying the words/sentence constructs that give away that she’s (i) educated in Canada as opposed to America or (ii) she is essentially still English.

I give you, as a starting point, the suggestion that “whence” isn’t so common in these parts… Am I wrong?




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