It’s not creepy at all!

9 11 2012

Not really.

I mean – I know I’m just mucking about with my new lens to see what it can do. So it’s pitch black on a winter’s evening and I’m pointing my camera at people’s lit windows. That’s normal, right?! 🙂

OK, so as well as my new lens, I found some new-to-me buttons on my camera which let me push it up to ridiculously high ISO speeds of 6400 and 12800. Sure, the images can get super grainy, but I can take shake-free shots at 1/60s in near total darkness and still register an image! If I could be bothered to post-process them, I’m sure I could make them half decent.

Anyway, in the end I took the easy route and limited myself to trees backlit by street-lights and similar things. Just messing about – don’t expect high art in the images below – but I was quite pleased with what it seems my camera is fundamentally capable of capturing. It’s a long weekend in Canada, and suddenly I’m full of new ideas with what to do with it…




2 responses

21 11 2012

I like the brick wall one. Start playing with colour temperatures, too 🙂

21 11 2012
Quieter Elephant

Yeah – I liked that one too. These were raw (literally) from the first attempts. No processing at all. You’re right – I can improve the images by tweaking the temp. I did like the golden effect on the trees though.

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