Mother sells her hugs for £35 an hour – Telegraph

5 11 2012

Hm – interesting story.

Mother sells her hugs for £35 an hour – Telegraph.

A NY mother, 29, charges £35 an hour to snuggle clients and put herself through college. Strict rules – only in her home and no touching parts of her body covered by underwear (under her pyjamas).

Interesting because of the responses – some say she’s “worse than a prostitute” because touch is more intimate than sex.



[Update: The Mail is covering it too now.]




2 responses

21 11 2012

Why is prostitution bad?

21 11 2012
Quieter Elephant

It’s just a word. We all prostitute ourselves daily. Whether it’s our labour or just our time – we do things with our bodies in return for money or other goods. I guess the perceived distinction comes from a sense that parts of our personal experience (personal touch, sex itself) are in some way “reserved” and not part of that general exchange. Perhaps because of the emotional complexities. I gather that here in North America, young girls selling kisses at summer fairs is a common fund-raiser. Seems like the same thing to me…

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