21 10 2012

How low can YOU go?

-9.4dBA, is, it would seem, the quietest any place on Earth has ever been measured. This anechoic chamber (don’t you just LOVE that word?) in Minneapolis will drive you to hallucinate after less than 45 minutes.

Those who are adept at meditation can learn to focus so intensely that they can block out external sounds and sense the blood pulsing through their veins. This place is so quiet that your ears refocus their sensitivity to “hunt” for sound all on their own, and find only that of your own organs. Starved of other stimuli (you’re in the dark, just for fun!), your brain starts to go a bit doo-lally.

Can you really stand dead silence? | The Beer Barrel.




2 responses

21 10 2012
A Dog With Fleas

I never realized a place like this existed and I never knew that being in silence for so long could have such an effect on someone. Wonder how long I could last?

21 10 2012
Quieter Elephant

I don’t think I’d last very long at all…

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