Lolgle – Google+ – ✔ Share if you agree

13 10 2012

So I get these regular emails from Google telling me the “top 3 posts for me” (A little like a horoscope I reckon. Just for me…. and thousands of others with nothing better to do than click…)

It was a bit sugary and not even proper English:

Lolgle - Google+ - ✔ Share if you agree

Lolgle – Google+ – ✔ Share if you agree.

But, you know, when all’s said and done, it’s a fair enough comment.

Our lives continually intersect with other people. Some we feel an affinity with or distaste of and maybe create more than a passing acquaintance – positive or negative. Some we instantly forget. Some we detest. Some we love. Some love us. Sometimes it’s even the same person. Sometimes we both admit it out loud. (Often not.) Sometimes we can tell anyway.

And we deal with all of it. Sometimes well. Sometimes by crying.

Despite the shallow message in the original post, we do sometimes have a choice of who we spend our time with. Some of those who love us do it in expectation of something in return. Perhaps it’s sex (especially if they’re a bloke!), perhaps just returned affection. It’s not to say the love they offer is insincere, just “qualified”.

There are others though who will pour their love on you no matter what. A parent perhaps. A wife or husband if you’re lucky. An ex even.

Sometimes we all need to feel we matter… no matter what we did, who we are, or where we’ve been. Someone to tell us they love us anyway.

Are you an unconditional lover of someone?

Have you told them?




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