The Colour Purple

3 10 2012

So here’s an interesting snippet bringing together a few of my favourite things. Colour perception – especially those lovely Pantone catalogues (coo-ee bluepearlgirl); chocolate; and sexy women.

Cadbury Beats Nestlé To Win Exclusive Rights Of The Color ‘Purple’ –


Seems that ever since 2004, Cadbury has been fighting for the right to keep purple (not just ANY purple, mind – THEIR purple) as their very own, at least where chocolate is concerned.

Nestlé’s position was that a colour could not be ‘practically trademarked’ for commercial advantages. Better not let Coke hear them say that!

So – not wanting to upset the apple-cart or anything, but I just thought I’d leave you with this image from a Canadian chocolatier.

Sexy women? Well Brits of a certain age could hardly forget the Cadbury’s Flake women..




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