What Do You Expect?

30 09 2012

I was sent this video this evening.

It made me cry I was so proud to be even a small part of this.

Yeah, it’s set in London’s inner city, but it could be any city in almost every country on the planet.

What did you do today?


A gang of inner-city youths journey to the city limits in search of…..?



2 responses

30 09 2012
A Dog With Fleas

I absolutely loved this video. Was amazing and the music was incredible and just carried the story along. Thanks for sharing!!

30 09 2012
Quieter Elephant

Very cleverly crafted to lead you to the obvious assumptions before you are shown the real message. I’ve been a Scout leader for nigh on 30 years, and I’m still proud of the small part I’ve played in positively shaping the lives of youth in both the UK and now Canada.

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