Painting with light

15 09 2012

A few weeks ago we had some visitors from the UK. As is expected when you live in the Lower Mainland, we took them to Whistler (largely to stop them complaining about how cheap everything was compared to the UK.) It was a long day, and quite dark by the time we headed home along Highway 99. I had taken literally hundreds of photos during the day, and was suddenly struck with the patterns the headlights were making, and out came the trusty Canon again. (I wasn’t driving – don’t worry. Actually – my wife was, so perhaps you should!)

Obviously I was using relatively long exposures and rejoicing in the randomness of the suspension bounce on the lines being painted by the photons on the CCD. Exposures were in the one second range. Let me know what you think. (Unless you don’t like them, then keep it to yourself.  :))



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