Crotch rocket, anyone?

12 08 2012

So Mrs E asked me if I knew what a “crotch rocket” was the other day. Seems Number 2 offspring had taught her this phrase and she wanted to show off how hip’n’happ’nin’ she was. I predictably guessed it was some kind of sex aid, but was quite wrong.

It seems it’s actually one of those small but powerful motorcycles you often see kids riding – just before they die horribly in a ditch, and get commemorated with a truly naff bunch of flowers duct-taped to a lamppost. Typically Japanese, but occasionally Italian.

Yamaha: 2012 YZF-R1

So while we were visiting Craigdarroch Castle (more of this later, I’m sure), I spotted a splash of colour on the street. I didn’t realise it at first, but these scooters were actually for hire, and you could presumably get around the relatively compact “city” of Victoria quite effectively on such a 2-wheeled stallion Shetland pony.

Cycle BC rental scooters add a splash of street colour

They were Honda Jazz scooters from Cycle BC, a snip at $16 per hour rental if you fancy recreating Audrey Hepburn‘s scene from Roman Holiday.




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