12 08 2012

Oh sorry – I mean calligraphy. But since you’re here, you might as well keep reading… 🙂

So every day of our brief holiday in Victoria we walked up and down Fort St. at least once. Sometimes twice. It was a good way of burning off the scone/cream/jam extravaganza’s from Murchie’s. I did manage to take a couple of shots of these “high teas” (actually consumed as breakfast in my case, but English is nothing if not confusing), but the wide aperture made for extremely short depth of field, and what I call “art”, Mrs E calls “out of focus”. I’ll therefore not bother you with those unless you’re really desperate.

This route took us past an art shop called Island Blue which managed to make the handing over of vast quantities of cash totally painless. Opus is the main BC chain for art supplies, and this was a pleasant variation, stocking different products and being largely cheaper. I tried to resist, I really did. In the end though, I walked out with some new ink. It is labelled as tea-coloured, and that alone was sufficient to tingle my “off-beat antennae”. It’s French, but nothing in this world is perfect.

Later in the week, I could contain my urges no longer, and we did go to Opus as well, where I bought a bamboo “dip-pen” for poster-sized calligraphy, as well as a book. Time to start learning how to do this fancy writing properly. Regular readers will be weary of hearing about my left-handedness, but where calligraphy is concerned, it really is an extra hurdle to overcome. The strokes are all the wrong way (and we all know how THAT can feel!) I did learn about pigment and dye based inks from the book though. Could explain why one of my fountain pens gets clogged up all the time! (Duh…). Also that I need to wash off the the oily covering from my lovely set of left-handed calligraphy nibs.

Home now, second-born wanted to visit Michael’s (yet another craft store) to get some glow-in-the-dark thread for making friendship bracelets (it would seem she likes to keep tabs on the whereabouts of her friend’s hands in the dark!) I tagged along and found some neat little pipettes for loading ink (or it would seem, according to my new book, gouache, watercolour paint, or pretty much anything) into my nib reservoirs. Now I have no excuse except lack of talent.

There was a point to all this. Now what was it? Oh yes! Victoria has these really neat bike racks on Government St. Not sure if they’ve been there a while, or if they’re part of the 150 year celebrations of Victoria. (I know – 150 years?! A mere pup! My mate has a house twice that age in Fossebridge). They spurred me on to try calligraphy again.



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14 08 2012
misfits' miscellany

I’m reporting you to the Ministry of Misleading Titles….and the French.

19 09 2012
Quieter Elephant

The title was entirely to ensure one reader – you. As for the French… they have a lot of Gaul.

15 05 2020
History is eternal, why not ink? | Quieter Elephant

[…] my meanderings through the backwaters of the interwebs I re-read an old blog posting I’d made, referring to a visit to Victoria’s Island Blue Art Store. I have to say, […]

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