Only in New York you say?

10 08 2012

Greetings faithful reader. You’ll maybe have noticed I’ve been a little quiet. Been away on hols, you see. To “the Island”. Vancouver Island, that is – not that dodgy film with Ewan McGregor. Victoria (strains of obscure Kinks song in background) in fact. Had a whale of a time. More of that over the next few posts, no doubt.

But for now, I wanted to share something Mrs E spotted in The Province on the ferry on the way home this afternoon. According to Reuters, it seems that yesterday, the 9th of August, the Trojan condom company set up “Pleasure Carts” in two Manhattan neighbourhoods to give away 10,000 of their new vibrators: Trojan™ Tri-Phoria™ Intimate Massager and Trojan™ Pulse Intimate Massager.

Reuters: Trojan Pleasure Cart

Seems around 300 people lined up at each cart – styled after NYC’s iconic hotdog stands – for a free tickler.

A “city representative” (no doubt annoyed at arriving late and not liking the length of the queue) closed down the little stunt saying the crowds were too big. Er… haven’t these people ever witnessed Apple stores when a new product is released?

Apparently it can all be done again (twice the publicity… no such thing as bad publicity…) once they have “the proper permits”. There’s a permit for giving away free dildos?! And I always thought the British Empire was the true epitome of bureaucracy. 🙂

Full battery-powered story can be had for your stimulation right here.




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