Eagle Scouts stand up to the Boy Scouts of America: *UPDATED* – Boing Boing

24 07 2012

Thanks to my very good friend for bringing this to my attention.

Being a Scout matters. It’s not just about following the rules. It’s about deciding what’s right, and doing it. Usually it’s the same thing. Sometimes… not!

Personally, I’m a recipient of the Queen’s Scout Award, which is the UK equivalent of Canada’s Queen’s Venturer Award, and the BSA Eagle Scout mentioned below.

It’s a big thing. I went to Windsor Castle to parade with other awardees when I was awarded mine in 1982. My eldest daughter went to Government House, Victoria to have hers awarded by BC’s  Lieutenant Governor Steven Point. It matters. To feel strongly enough about something to hand it back is important.

I applaud my fellow Scouts in the US for taking this stance. A more “Scouty” thing to do, I can barely imagine.

Kudos. (But when are you going to let girls join? Just sayin’…)

Eagle Scouts stand up to the Boy Scouts of America: *UPDATED* – Boing Boing.




2 responses

25 07 2012
misfits' miscellany

Those camping trips will be a darn side more entertaining, eh, Worthington?

25 07 2012
Quieter Elephant

Camp indeed!

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