A born fiddler

21 07 2012

I’m a born fiddler. I like to fiddle. I can’t just let things lie and be what they are. I need to muck about, and see what can be changed. All kinds of smiles and pleasure can be had with the right amount of fiddling. Hidden jewels found. All manner of things.

I also lie in that curious intersection between being engineering trained and artistically driven. This odd existence led me to recently start looking at options for “my next camera”. It’ll be years from now of course (by which time the list of options will be different), but the research led me to discover an interesting little project on GNU called “Magic Lantern“. The more recent Canon DSLRs run on a Canon developed OS. Earlier ones were on vxWorks, believe it or not.

There’s more processing power in the average modern digital camera (particularly DSLRs) than Neil Armstrong had to get him to the moon and back. So this little project was originally designed to turn the Canon 5D into a full frame video camera to rival those out there in the $25k+ range! Because it was made available via GNU though, the less ambitious photo enthusiasts extended the range of supported cameras and added plenty of static camera features… like time-lapse, motion sensing, extended bracketing, exposing hidden options, ISO extensions, and plenty more besides.

Here’s a cute little time-lapse film taken using the firmware on a Canon DSLR.


And plenty more about the project can be found by the curious here.




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22 07 2012
misfits' miscellany

Fiddle 5dd.

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