Light, brambles, Egmont and recovering the adventurous son

6 07 2012

Today I took a day off work. Last born, my son, is travelling with Mrs E. to the UK on Sunday. This meant that he was to miss the Venturer Scout trip up the Sunshine Coast to Princess Louisa Inlet. (Due West of Whistler). However, in a last minute rethink, they’d agreed he could go along, provided I collected him today from their return stop-off at Egmont, North of  Sechelt, and close to the famous (well, in THESE parts at least) Skookumchuk Narrows – famous for its tidal currents of around 30km/h!

So anyway, I set off at around 10am this morning, and returned home at 9:30pm, son safely in tow and both of us exhausted. I’d taken my camera and been in no particular hurry on the way there, since I was to meet them at “dinner time”. This seemed totally reasonable until I got to Egmont around 4pm to find that they were not at the public marina, there was no cell signal, and I was now against the clock to catch the relatively early last ferry back to the Lower Mainland. Having Bunbury’d around for an hour or so, I relocated my car nearer to the marina as I had some fresh groceries including heavy potatoes for the Venturers, and I didn’t want them to be unnecessarily carried. When I returned ready to take more photos of the marina, I recognised one of the leaders in the cruiser’s Zodiac, chatting to someone on the dock. It then turned out that the Venturers were camping about a kilometre away, just outside Egmont proper (and that’s only a couple of houses and a pub!) AND they’d been there since noon. Kizmet indeed! Had I gone elsewhere to take pictures I’d have been blissfully unaware they were so close.

So, I exchanged fresh food for the fruit of my loins and had a very pleasant journey back home chatting away to my son. Or at least the alien that had taken over his body. He seemed to be able to string whole sentences together now, was talking about healthier living habits, his kayaking adventures, waterfalls, leadership issues in the Venturer Company and how he’d like to suggest improvements. Things of this ilk. Most un-teenagerish. When we got home he had a bath, spoke courteously to his older sister then went to bed. I’m feeling ever so slightly worried how my real son is faring in the alien society that he’s been taken to in exchange for this pleasant young lad.

So anyway – I took 129 photos today it seems. I’ll not bore you with all of them. However, I noticed a few themes I seemed to have been following. Firstly, I had deliberately chosen to only use my 70-300mm lens. It had cost me a small fortune to buy, but since my newest 50mm purchase, it hasn’t seen the light of day. Or night for that matter. It’s a superb lens, and I wanted to force myself to select images it could handle. So that much at least was deliberate. The rest were subconscious.

One other theme was light/shade. It was blisteringly hot up the Sunshine Coast. I guess that’s why it’s not called the Rainy Coast. Despite that, it’s just as lush as the rest of BC, and there were quite a selection of images that had captured the effects of the light on foliage.

The other day I had had a discussion about Earth, life, Gaia, parasites and various other related topics. I was struck today with how some photos I’d taken of brambles were not unlike others I’d taken of power lines. Each seemed to spread out their tendrils and creep over the countryside and strangle other things out.

Finally, there was a theme I often find when I look back over my images – patterns. Lines, repetition, unusual angles. So here’s about half of my photos of the day. I hope you find at least one you don’t mind. 🙂




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6 07 2012
misfits' miscellany

Ah, The Stepford Venturers. And fishing without your shoes on is a sure way to land a good cormorant.

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